reveals a new federation testing suite is a popular instance tracker for projects using the Diaspora Federation Protocol, providing opt-in statistics from Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Socialhome, and GangGo.

Recently, the project announced a new federation testing suite, developed by Lukas Matt of GangGo. The initiative is described as such:

The idea is simple — enable any of the federated projects to contribute a dockerfile of their project which then allows test scripts to be written that run basic federation tests between various platforms. A critical part of the testsuite is the actual GitHub integration server, which is a Go powered server to act as glue between GitHub and Travis CI. Using webhooks, it will automatically trigger jobs from pull requests into project repositories and then update the PR with status of the build.

This tool could serve as an incredible resource for developers building federated web platforms, and could make life much easier for people trying to debug communications across different systems. It’s already being used by the GangGo and Socialhome projects; hopefully more platforms in the space will adopt it in the future!

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