Misskey release 10.97.0 features improved design, custom emoji reactions!

A recent release of Misskey, version 10.97.0, now includes the ability for users to set custom emoji as reactions towards statuses. This implementation is slightly reminiscent of Slack, which also allows users to set custom emoji as a response to individual messages.

Works as advertised!

In addition, the timeline column includes some new quick-access filters that allows users to quickly navigate their timelines with less effort.

Finally, one other small note: Misskey’s polls feature is now compatible with Mastodon. There still seem to be some quirks with the vote counts, but nevertheless, polls will federate from one platform to the other now.

A Mastodon poll, rendered in Misskey’s UI

Overall, these are welcome improvements, and we’re excited to see Misskey continue to evolve and grow.

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