Funkwhale refeshes site, adopts Code of Conduct, governance platform

Funkwhale, everyone’s favorite federated music platform, has been making a lot of progress on presenting a friendly face to the community, and make it easier for people to engage in it. As the platform continues to mature, the project leads are asking serious questions about how to present Funkwhale to the world, and make it a friendly place for newcomers.

One of the latest developments is an update to the project site itself, which looks a million times better than its older aesthetic. The site now has a much clearer statement of what the project is, and makes it dead simple to find apps that work with it and join in with the community.

Speaking of community engagement, the project also now runs their own Loomio instance, where interested people can discuss the direction of the project, along with the goals and policies of the platform.

One hot initiative going on at the moment includes an anti-abuse audit, which reviews all of the ways the platform could be leveraged to inflict harm. Those attack vectors are being evaluated by project members, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the chance for harassment.

In addition, the project now officially sports a Code of Conduct, which includes an anti-meritocracy statement and some clear standards the project community holds.

These are some welcoming additions to the Funkwhale project, which is continuing to ramp up in its development efforts as it attracts new development and design talent.

Sean Tilley

Sean Tilley has been a part of the federated social web for over 15+ years, starting with his experiences with back in 2008. Sean was involved with the Diaspora project as a Community Manager from 2011 to 2013, and helped the project move to a self-governed model. Since then, Sean has continued to study, discuss, and document the evolution of the space and the new platforms that have risen within it.

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