No Joke: Pleroma now offers BBS/SSH Functionality

Pleroma, the Elixir-based microblogging platform, announced recently that it has added a new feature that allows end users to SSH in directly to their instances, and read / post to their timelines using only a standard terminal. Lain, the project development lead, had this to say:

Pretty much one year ago, we started fighting the typical Web 4.0 Javascript bloat by adding Gopher support. After a wildly successful 0.999 release, we heard your calls for more debloating. The biggest complaint with the gopher support was the inability to post. So today, we’re taking it a step further: Making Pleroma a BBS.

Pleroma admins can enable this feature by switching over to the BBS branch of the project, and follow these instructions to adjust their instance configurations. Although it’s still in development, the feature is likely to get merged into the main branch sooner rather than later.

This is very much in spirit with the announcement last year that Pleroma would offer gopher support, in which the project actually did ultimately ship a working implementation, despite also being a joke.


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