We Distribute has joined Feneas!

Disclaimer: Sean Tilley is a committee member of Federated Networks Association ry.

We’re excited to announce a new milestone for this publication. Since its inception, We Distribute has been dedicated to the sourcing and distribution of news relating to Free Software and decentralized communications. The project has provided extensive coverage over the development of new apps in the federated social web space, and interviewed developers at the forefront.

Over the years, the publication has taken several different forms, but one factor has largely remained the same: it has all been managed by one sole contributor. After today, We Distribute is opening up as a collaborative project, and will operate as the official news publication of a non-profit organization called Feneas.

What is Feneas?

Feneas, also known as Federated Network Association ry, is a non-profit organization based in Finland that is dedicated to providing services to federated communication projects, and spreading information about their efforts and the technologies projects in the space use.

The organization’s committee and founding members comprise of contributors to a handful of fediverse projects, from Friendica to GangGo to Socialhome and more, all of which happen to be supporting the ActivityPub protocol standard.

What’s changing?

The biggest changes to We Distribute will be operational. We’re going to open up the writing pool to more contributors, expand the scope of projects that we’re reporting on, and follow a more consistent publishing schedule. There’s also an opportunity to expand the blog to other languages and locales.

The blog is in the process of being cleaned up to improve load times and provide a better visual design, and we’re in the process of figuring out how to better coordinate together to pursue our new goals.

How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in being a part of the community or directly contributing to the blog, feel free to hang out in our new Matrix chatroom: #wedistribute:feneas.org

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