You can now watch the ActivityPub Conf talks on PeerTube!

The world’s first conference for ActivityPub took place in Prague back in September this year. Billed itself as “A conference about the present and future of ActivityPub, the world’s leading federated social web standard”, this served as a golden opportunity for implementors, developers, and advocates to network, exchange ideas, and present their perspectives and findings.

A gathering of friendly faces.
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International, ActivityPub Conference

Many of the talks from APConf were recorded, and can now be watched through PeerTube, which uses the ActivityPub protocol. Whether you’re using a social platform like Mastodon or Pleroma, or using PeerTube to share and interact with videos, you can follow the conference and watch those videos at these addresses:

Recommended Talks

ActivityPub: past, present, future by Christopher Lemmer Webber

“ActivityPub: Past, present, future” – Keynote by Christopher Lemmer Webber

“An overview of ActivityPub: How did we get to this point? Where are we now? Where do we need to go? We’ll paint a chart from past to a hopeful future with better privacy, richer interactions, and more security and control for our users.”

“Is ActivityPub paving the way to web 3.0?” by Maloki

“A talk about how we’re walking away from Web 2.0, and paving the way to Web 3.0 with ActivityPub development. We’ll discuss what this could mean for the future of the web. We’ll look at some of the history of the web, and also consider the social implications moving forward.”

“Decentralised Hashtag Search and Subscription in Federated Social Networks” by Trolli Schmittlauch

“Hashtags have become an important tool for organising topic-related posts in all major social networks, even having managed to spark social movements like #MeToo. In federated social networks, unfortunately so far the view on all posts of a hashtag is fragmented between instances. For a student research paper I came up with an architecture for search and subscription of hashtag-posts in federated social networks. This additional backend for instances augments the Fediverse with a little bit of P2P technology.”


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