Lemmy announces alpha support for federation

Lemmy is a link aggregation platfrom geared towards community discourse. Styling itself after sites like Reddit, Lobst.ers, and Hacker News, Lemmy aims to integrate into the wider fediverse ecosystem through the adoption of the ActivityPub protocol.

Lemmy’s front page.

The overall goal is to create an easily self-hostable, decentralized alternative to reddit and other link aggregators, outside of their corporate control and meddling.

Lemmy Project Repo

Recently, the project hit a major milestone by unveiling preliminary support for federation. Currently, it only works between Lemmy instances, and objects such as comments and votes don’t get passed along through federation yet. (Update: As of May 5th, comments, votes, and delete activites now successfully federate)

These are still early days for the project, but we’re hopeful that this development might lead to new kinds of communities within the wider fediverse. Developers can track the open Github issue here. If you’d like to support Lemmy, you can donate to its development in the following places:


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