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We Distribute is entirely staffed by volunteers who are passionate about the Fediverse. There are a few things you can do here:

  • Submit a Tip – There’s a lot of stuff happening on the Fediverse at any given time. If you could tell us a little bit about what’s going on, that helps us keep track of the story!
  • Write With Us – This network is massive, with an estimated 84 projects in varying stages of development. Our goal is to cover as much of it as we can, but each member of our team tends to have a lot on their plate. We are always looking for fresh talent, especially if you’re really passionate about a particular part on the network.

Submit a Tip

Generally speaking, a tip is a juicy bit of information about something happening on the network. Some examples:

  • A new platform just added a huge new feature that changes how it’s used
  • Somebody’s working to solve a really hard problem, and made important progress
  • This community over here is doing a cool thing!
  • Mike Macgirvin is working on an exciting new fork of Hubzilla!
  • This company over here is implementing ActivityPub!
  • This particular community drama highlights an important social issue.
  • Some server shut down / got raided by the Feds

Write With Us!

We Distribute is a small publication with a few passionate people behind it, all doing it in their spare time. We’re trying our best to cover as much ground as possible, but the network is massive, and we want to write about more than just the technology behind it.

These are the types of pieces we write:

  • News – general updates about platforms, apps, clients, and more.
  • Reviews – in-depth evaluations of apps and platforms, rife with screenshots and insights on how things work.
  • Guides – Technical explainers and discovery tools to keep fedizens informed on how to do stuff.
  • Culture – People are one of the biggest, most interesting aspects of the network. This section includes pieces of history, awesome and wacky events, and insights on what’s going on in different communities.
  • Interviews – we sit down and talk to the people who are building the network. Interviews can be traditional Q&A, or more fleshed-out biographical pieces.
  • Opinion – Our newest addition, this is an opportunity for fedizens from a variety of different backgrounds to express their opinions on what’s important to them, or what needs to change.

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