Jiri Lacina

University student, communications specialist, FLOSS & Fediverse enthusiast

Published Articles

New features and fixed bugs. Lemmy 0.9.4 released

04 Feb 2021

Fediverse link aggregator Lemmy, compared to sites like Reddit, Lobste.rs, or Hacker News, was updated to version 0.9.4 in a Tuesday release. The official web app, lemmy-ui, also received new features. The release fixes a couple of critical as well as several smaller bugs and adds features like new active user counts or the ability […]

Element app logo

Element app returns to Google Play after a takedown

01 Feb 2021

Element, an open-source Matrix protocol client, is again available on the Google Play app store after being removed for about a day due to a report of “extremely abusive content”. The app was removed on 30 January CET without notifying the developers beforehand. Google then cited “abusive content somewhere on Matrix” as the reason for […]