Sean Tilley

Sean is the founder of We Distribute, and serves as the publication's editor. In his earlier years, he was involved with Diaspora as the Community Manager, where he enjoyed responsibilities in cultivating a community of volunteer developers for the fledgling project. Over time, he has studied several different federated systems, and has been a proponent of interfederation between these projects.

Published Articles

PixelDroid announces Alpha Release

19 May 2020

Looking for a dedicated Pixelfed app for your Android device? PixelDroid might be what you’re looking for.

How to easily integrate OnlyOffice into Nextcloud

16 May 2020

If you run a Nextcloud instance, you may be interested in integrating a document server, to lessen your dependence on things like Office365 or GSuite. Here’s a simple guide to integrating one alternative, OnlyOffice, with your existing instance.

Lemmy announces alpha support for federation

16 May 2020

A promising new link aggregation platform is gaining the powers of federation, thanks to the ActivityPub protocol.

Hooray! Pleroma Officially Releases 2.x Series

23 Mar 2020

Pleroma, the beloved microblogging platform powered by Elixir, is now in the 2.x series and offers some pretty awesome changes!

Diaspora Finally Merges in Developer API

07 Mar 2020

After many years of development, the Diaspora project finally merged in an API for third-party clients!

Funkwhale is building support for Artists and Podcasts

19 Feb 2020

Soon, it will be possible to publish original music and podcasts to the fediverse from Funkwhale!

Reel2Bits, a federated music-sharing platform, needs volunteer developers!

12 Dec 2019

A new addition to the federated music space needs your help!

Thorium is a PeerTube app for Android in Beta

28 Nov 2019

Hey, there’s a new PeerTube app on the block! It’s still pretty young as a project, and doesn’t have a lot of features yet, but let’s check it out!

There are tons of updates coming to Pixelfed

27 Nov 2019

There are so many updates coming into a very-near Pixelfed release, it’s going to make your head spin. Instagram, eat your heart out.

You can now watch the ActivityPub Conf talks on PeerTube!

20 Nov 2019

In true federated fashion, you can now watch videos about future ideas for the fediverse on the fediverse itself.