Sean Tilley

Sean is the founder of We Distribute, and serves as the publication's editor. In his earlier years, he was involved with Diaspora as the Community Manager, where he enjoyed responsibilities in cultivating a community of volunteer developers for the fledgling project. Over time, he has studied several different federated systems, and has been a proponent of interfederation between these projects.

Published Articles

You can now watch the ActivityPub Conf talks on PeerTube!

20 Nov 2019

In true federated fashion, you can now watch videos about future ideas for the fediverse on the fediverse itself.

Introducing Otter, a dedicated Android app for Funkwhale

13 Nov 2019

Android users, rejoice! This new client connects to Funkwhale with native APIs.

Mobilizon Releases Beta, Demo Instance

11 Nov 2019

The anticipated federated alternative to MeetUp makes its first public release.

We Distribute has joined Feneas!

07 Nov 2019

We Distribute is now the official publication of the Federated Networks Association (Feneas). This is a new opportunity for

The end is near: Mastodon plans to drop OStatus support

09 Jul 2019

One of the largest platforms in the federated social web is dropping the protocol that it started with.

Mobilizon blows past €50,000 funding goal, 10 days left

29 Jun 2019

Framasoft is gearing up for their next big fediverse project, which is an events platform intended to replace Facebook Events.

Retribute, a donation system for fediverse creators

29 Jun 2019

Eliot Berriot, creator of Funkwhale, has unveiled a new concept for handling donations to artists from their patrons on the fediverse.

Pleroma Releases 1.0!

28 Jun 2019

Pleroma, the Elixir-based fediverse communication platform, has finally pushed out a stable 1.0 release!

Gab is forking Mastodon and joining the fediverse

30 May 2019

The infamous “free speech’ social media startup known for fostering an online alt-right community is making plans to integrate itself into the fediverse.

Purism Announces Librem One, Offers Private Cloud Services

30 Apr 2019

Purism, the computer company best known for the Librem line of Coreboot-enabled laptops, is betting big on services with Librem One