Sean Tilley

Sean is the founder of We Distribute, and serves as the publication's editor. In his earlier years, he was involved with Diaspora as the Community Manager, where he enjoyed responsibilities in cultivating a community of volunteer developers for the fledgling project. Over time, he has studied several different federated systems, and has been a proponent of interfederation between these projects.

Published Articles

A Quick Guide to the Free Network

23 Sep 2017

Today, we dive into two spaces on the federated social web, look at their history and the players behind them, and talk about their potential futures.

Riot, a Decentralized Slack‐like Messenger (Powered by Matrix)

25 Apr 2017

It’s surprising that so many companies developing their own versions of Slack. There’s something fundamentally great about group chat - Riot shows how it’s done without the need for a middleman.

The Road to Federation

29 May 2015

A brief overview of the early history of the fediverse, otherwise known as the federated social web.

This Is Not Instagram

10 Sep 2014

Old patterns don’t always have to paint the same picture, even if the pattern happens to be familiar. As we move into an era that further embraces technology as a point of personal convenience, we find ourselves surrounded by digital services that blend into many different facets of our lives. All too often, certain services […]