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We Distribute currently operates as a free service run by volunteers, who write about a space we’re deeply passionate about, for free, in our spare time. In supporting user privacy, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is: we don’t place advertisements, we don’t use tracking pixels, and we don’t sell user data.

This creates some unique challenges. Thankfully, we are able to rely on our parent organization, Federated Networks Association ry (Feneas), to provide resources and infrastructure to keep the site running. However, our parent organization doesn’t have an infinite amount of money, and it needs financial support so that we can keep providing our free news service.

Support Feneas

Here are several ways you can support Feneas, and by extension, us:

  • Patreon – become a monthly Patreon supporter!
  • Membership – if you’d like to actively participate in the development of Feneas, consider applying for membership. In addition to yearly contributions, you also receive a wide range of benefits as part of the organization.
  • Store – consider buying some Feneas stickers and pins!

Support We Distribute

Want to support our project directly? Great! Here’s a few things you can do to help:

  • Join our Community – Come hang out with us in our Matrix room. You can connect directly from your instance to
  • Submit a Tip – know about some great new project, initiative, or protocol that we haven’t written about? Let us know so that we can do some research!
  • Write With Us – We’re always on the lookout for great writers who are passionate about Free Software and federated communication technologies.