“FediForum” Virtual Unconference is Coming Back in September!

Unconference runs September 20th to 21st

Fediforum, the virtual unconference for people building the Fediverse, is coming back again. After a successful showing in March 2023, the organizers are planning a new session to focus on everything happening in our space right now.

The Fediverse is growing rapidly. There are now tens of thousands of independently hosted servers, many new apps are appearing, and some big companies (like Meta) have announced they will implement ActivityPub and join the network. What decentralized future will we build, and how do we ensure it serves everybody?

FediForum’s Website

What’s an Unconference?

Unconferences differ from regular conferences in one major way: the people attending ultimately decide what topics get discussed. The previous FediForum this year covered some fascinating topics, such as Monetization in the Fediverse, The Future of News on the Internet, Discovery and the Fediverse and Native Governance of the Open Web.

This is a great opportunity for people building the network to get together, and share their ideas. The network is the biggest its ever been, with new platforms and apps being developed every day. As the dynamics of the space continue to shift and change, new ideas are needed to guide the network’s continuing evolution.

The official Mastodon account for FediForum has already boosted the following recommendations for talks:

  • Evan Prodromou: building extensions for ActivityPub, the co-operative business model for Fediverse services, and Data Migration.
  • Bob Wyman: Account Migration, and W3C Annotations.
  • Gabriel Amador García: what tools big instances should have for moderation.
  • Tom Brown: Personal Identifiers
  • Christopher Lozinski: Organizing within the Fediverse against the Climate Crisis
  • Anca Mosoiu: Modular Fediverse App Architecture, for more diverse interest communities

September Unconference Details

Attendance to FediForum requires a registration. Ticket prices vary for a number of factors: General Admission is $40, Contributor Tickets are $100, and “Platform Employee” Tickets (Meta, Tumblr) are $250. If those prices seem too steep, there are also “Almost Free” Tickets at $1.99, where the cost is offset by those purchasing Contributor Tickets.

  • When: September 20th – 21st, 8am – 1pm PST
  • Where: Online, any part of the world
  • Ticket Cost: $1 – $250

Hope to see you there!

Sean Tilley

Sean Tilley has been a part of the federated social web for over 15+ years, starting with his experiences with Identi.ca back in 2008. Sean was involved with the Diaspora project as a Community Manager from 2011 to 2013, and helped the project move to a self-governed model. Since then, Sean has continued to study, discuss, and document the evolution of the space and the new platforms that have risen within it.

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